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We offer multidisciplinary engineering solutions

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study outlines process flows diagrams, material and energy balances, data-sheets, and machine specifications for future industrial plants or the revamping of existing ones.

Front End Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design is the intermediate stage in the design process which follows the Feasibility Study and comes before the Detail Design. During this phase the project is defined with a focus on the costs.

Multidisciplinary design

Multidisciplinary design:
– Civil and Structural Engineering;
– Electrical Engineering;
– Mechanical Engineering;
– Instrumentation Engineering

Process Engineering

New processes
Pilot trial studies

Fb.m. is a collaborative team with strong individual personalities, able to solve current problems and predict the best solutions for the future.
We are a group of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences sharing high ethical and quality standards. Our team is grouped by disciplines, trained constantly and competently in the technical aspects of each sector, prepared to deliver a high quality service.

We are leaders in the Industrial Plant Engineering


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