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We offer multidisciplinary engineering solutions

EPC (Engineering-procurement-construction)

fb.m. s.r.l., thanks to its qualified partners, offers turn-key services for design, supply and construction of plants, skid, appliances and machines. The technicians and consultants of fb.m. s.r.l., have consolidated their experience in the management of services connected to EPC; identifying, managing and coordinating qualified supply and construction companies permits to guarantee “turn-key” installations of high quality.

Environmental Engineering

• Commissioning, start-up and management of sewage treatment plants;
• Purification, distribution and storage water for domestic and industrial uses;
• Collection systems and waste water treatment;
• Investigations and diagnostics of water supply networks and sewage;
• Rationalization and re-use of water in production processes.

Health & Safety on site

As part of the portfolio of services on Health & Safety, fb.m. s.r.l. offers technical advice to the contractors and the following services to Clients in Public and Private Sector

Health & Safety at work

fb.m. s.r.l. provides support in managing and implementing solutions and services to enhance Health & Safety at work. fb.m. s.r.l. can provide support in the management of all the formalities required by current regulations on health and safety at work.

Fb.m. is a collaborative team with strong individual personalities, able to solve current problems and predict the best solutions for the future.
We are a group of professionals with different backgrounds and experiences sharing high ethical and quality standards. Our team is grouped by disciplines, trained constantly and competently in the technical aspects of each sector, prepared to deliver a high quality service.

We are leaders in the Industrial Plant Engineering


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