We are a company that offers multidisciplinary engineering services

fb.m s.r.l is a multidisciplinary engineering company, established in Taranto and, over the years, in order to meet the demands from all over the country, it has opened a new branch in Crema.

fb.m. s.r.l. mainly offers multidisciplinary engineering solutions: 
Civil and structural, electrical, mechanical and instrumental design

It provides plants or plant parts, packages, technical and economic feasibility studies, optimisation both for processes and utilities.

The sectors in which we operate goes from environmental to chemical ones, from pharmaceutical to food, but what we do care is the experience gained in the oil and gas sector, with 10 years of experience on the Italian country thanks to its director and his collaborators.
In the oil & gas sector, the engineering aspect is very important; it is developed by our process engineers, engaged in feasibility studies, basic design and FEED for plant improvements from the point of view of production and Energy-saving, topic particularly felt and pursued in the industrial installations.
The process group interacts with the other engineering disciplines, such as piping, mechanical, civil, environmental, structural, electrical and instrumental in a close way, qualifying the product in terms of service.


Registered Office


Operation Headquarters

  • Via Lacaita, 29
    74121 Taranto
  • telephone: (+39)0994718248
  • info@fbmsrl.net

Operation Headquarters

  • Viale Alcide De Gasperi, 60/A
    26013 Crema (CR)
  • telephone: (+39)392050678
  • info@fbmsrl.net