EPC (Engineering-procurement-construction)

fb.m. s.r.l., thanks to its qualified partners, offers turn-key services for design, supply and construction of plants, skid, appliances and machines. The technicians and consultants of fb.m. s.r.l., have consolidated their experience in the management of services connected to EPC; identifying, managing and coordinating qualified supply and construction companies permits to guarantee “turn-key” installations of high quality.

Environmental Engineering

fb.m. s.r.l., having in its staff specialists in the environmental sector, proposes not only design activities, such as the design of composting plants, waste water collection and treatment, environmental impact studies, but also advice on waste management, start-up activities of water purification/treatment plants and production of energy from renewable sources (biomass, FORSU).

Health & Safety on site

As part of the portfolio of services on Health & Safety, fb.m. s.r.l. offers technical advice to the contractors and the following services to Clients in Public and Private Sector

Health & Safety at work

fb.m. s.r.l. provides support in managing and implementing solutions and services to enhance Health & Safety at work. fb.m. s.r.l. can provide support in the management of all the formalities required by current regulations on health and safety at work.

PED certifications

Obtaining certifications required by PED and Ministerial Decree 329/04. fb.m. s.r.l. can offer assistance to the contractors and the manufacturer during the PED application, until the drafting and delivery of the technical file including obtaining certification.

Technical assistance

Desk studies and retrieval of technical document during the initial phase of the design. At installation of the equipment completion, if required, technical surveys can be carried out, in order to update the documentation and to prepare the “as-built” review.


Equipment testing

As regards the start-up of the plants fb.m. s.r.l. expects the following controls:
• Visual and Dimensional inspection;
• Hydraulic tests;
• Alignment of field instrumentation to the control room.

Project Management

fb.m. s.r.l. can provide their clients with the following services:
• Construction Supervision;
• Project Management;
• Site Supervision;
• Procurement (assistance with procurement and the award of the contract).

Authorization engineering

• Authorization planning;
• Planning application;
• Practice for obtaining fire prevention certificate.

Multidisciplinary design

Multidisciplinary design:
• Civil and Structural Engineering;
• Electrical Engineering;
• Mechanical Engineering;
• Instrumentation Engineering.

Front End Engineering Design

Front End Engineering Design is the intermediate stage in the design process which follows the Feasibility Study and comes before the Detail Design. During this phase the project is defined with a focus on the costs.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study outlines process flows diagrams, material and energy balances, data-sheets, and machine specifications for future industrial plants or the revamping of existing ones.

Process Engineering

• New processes;
• Pilot trial studies;
• P&I PFD;
• Instrumentation;

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