fb.m. s.r.l. , thanks to its qualified partners, offers turn-key services for design, supply and construction of plants, skid, appliances and machines. The technicians and consultants of fb.m. s.r.l., have consolidated their experience in the management of services connected to EPC; identifying, managing and coordinating qualified supply and construction companies allows to assure “turn-key” installations of high quality.

Starting from the planning of interventions,  using dedicated software, such as MS Project or Primavera, fb.m. s.r.l., team monitors each operational phase of the project, from the engineering of detail, the purchase of materials to construction and testing of the plant. EPC, made during the shut-downs of the installation, are very important; they determine particular attention to the timing and operating procedures, because every activity must be perfectly planned and coordinated, delivering seamless sharing of the operating areas affected by maintenance carried out by other companies.

Activities related to logistics and handling of parts of installations to be mounted, have a strategic importance. Infact fb.m. s.r.l., for the perfect execution of the work, provides planning services and lifting studies, assisted by expert companies, equipped with all facilities necessary for the realization of the project safely, as tower cranes, mobile cranes, forklift, and transport means.