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Checks and inspections

Desk studies and retrieval of technical document during the initial phase of the design. At the installation of the equipment completion , if required, technical surveys can be carried out, in order to update the documentation and to prepare the “as-built” review.

Installation assistance

We can provide technical assistance and site management for the supervision during mounting equipment operations, for site, queries, site assistance during testing validations and overlooking/checking of contractor’s accounting system.

Technical assistance during precommissioning and commissioning phase

After the completion of the site works, fb.m.’s Site engineers, together with the client representative, will check that the installation and site works comply with the design thanks to the controls, indicated and planned, by means of a check list. The plant is ready, after the tests execution and any problem has eliminated. We therefore proceed to carry out all the operations provided by the factory to prepare the facility for feasibility testing.

Start Up

In the Start Up phase, all aspects of design, safety and function must converge in order to achieve the first start, the adjustment of the operating parameters and the final test run.

The Laser Scanner is a tool that can read and acquire the coordinates of a portion of territory or the surface of an object, this activity is carried out in a systematic, automatic, fast way and due to its versatility, this instrument is able to make us run large reliefs rigorously and in minimal time. Terrestrial Laser Scanner has effectively revolutionized the methodology of geometrical and mechanical relief as well as special structures such as rock slope or landfills. This equipment, by the generation of a laser pulse, reads and records the part of the detected signal reflected by the object. All points are measured and then identified with the seven following parameters: three coordinates x, y, z, the reflectance factor of the material affected and the color value consists of the parameters RGB (Red, Green and Blue). The scans allow operators to collect in a short period of time points up to unimaginable today (million points/hour), making possible the development of large amount of work with particular accuracy and in a short time.