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Feasibility Study New Congress Center Eni Sannazzaro

Multidisciplinary engineering activities for plant testing and improvements

Basic Design for the construction of No. 2 Suites to produce Chemical Vitamin Supplements, at Gnosis – Pisticci Plant

Technical consultancy for water purification plants in the province of Viterbo

Technical assistance for supervision, start-up and management of water purification plant in Casamassima (Ba)

Technical Assistance for Supervision, start-up and management of Tasm water purification plant

Renovation offices at V.le De Gasperi – Crema

Conservative Renovation and Restoration of offices at Palazzo Parolari

Evaluation of the residual life of reactors R – 2203 and R – 2501

Analysis and evaluation of the damages caused to the vessels V1405 – V 1404 – V 1402, the reactors R 201 – R 301 – R 302 – R 303 – R 304, columns C 101 N – C 501 – C 1402 – C 1403 – C 1404 – C 1405 by the CREEP

Detailed engineering for the analysis and evaluation of the damages caused to the reactors by the CREEP

Detailed engineering for the analysis and evaluation of the damages caused to the vessels by the CREEP

Reinforcement of the existing structure for the placement of the new V105 and V102 vessels

Installation of the skid for the oil separation of the condensations

Preliminary structural verification for fire proofing overloads

Laser scanner survey activity of excavated materials and reclamation for decommissioning of ex-FALCK building site

Revamping of the Plant in Garaguso

Mechanical engineering services for the realization of iron structures related to the “STOCK-HOUSE AFO/1 Dedusting” project at ILVA plant in Taranto

Mechanical engineering services related to the “STOCK-HOUSE Dedusting” project at ILVA plant in Taranto

Collecting and removal plant of odorous substances emitted from fuel oil storage tanks

Detail engineering design of the unit 18 (HDS plant) damaged by the fire

Planning of 2015 shut down service of the Units HDC2 – SWS4 – DG4 – IGAS – H2 HDS2 – ZOLFO2 – DG2 – ROSE – DP2 – VACUUM – EST

Installation of a tank to collect washing waters coming from the “Centro Oli” Val d’Agri

Topographic and laser scanning surveys and three-dimensional graphic rendering of the as built of Taranto oil pier

Verification of the efficiency of the acid and hydrocarbons blow down network for three refinery units U-6100, U-6200, U-6700

Installation of No. 23 foam premixers on the factory firefighting system

Engineering services, in the frame of the EPC project “ASSIUT hydrocracking complex”

Piping engineering services for new BioDiesel plant at Rotterdam

Revamping of atmospheric and vacuum uninstalled sections and replacing column C101

Detailed engineering for basin water collection systems

Detailed engineering for the construction of the new CW24/14″ RC3 NAHY saturated gases 2

Interventions for adjustments foreseen by AIA review – TAE tanks

Study of the check of the failure of the foundations of new torch

Development of structures for the consolidation of the support of V1402

New Biodiesel formulation circuit

Adaptation to standards of a temporary storage area for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes

Erection of a reverse osmosis plant for the production of demi water from sea water and effluent water from TAF plant

Revamping of the effluent Water Treatment System

Design of carpentry structures to support pipelines for AFO2 – Stock House Dedusting Project

Collecting and removal plant of odorous substances emitted from bitumen storage tanks

Dismantling of tank loading arms at the oil pier of the Manfredonia plant

Firefighting system of pumps rooms SF-1 and SF-2

Building for the training of the personnel responsible for rescue and recovery from confined spaces

Change of intended use of the tank TK-24

Installation of new bitumen storage tank

Revamping of active and passive fire protection system to protect the butylene discharge platform

Replacement of column head E-1101 for metallurgic up-grade

Upgrading of the logistics system (storage, handling, refining, ship loading) of Tempa Rossa crude oil

Interventions in the WBS1 Taranto Contingency Plan activities, including detail engineering for the upgrading of the logistic (storage, handling and ships loading) of the bitumen

Re-building of reaction section and stripping of HDS2 unit

Installation of a new liquid ring compressor to serve the torch U-72

Detail Engineering adjustment furnace burners

Installation of n. 4 the new air coolers E-1419 Q/R/S/T – Contingency Plan Project

Structural verification of the column C-101

Analysis of the logistic operations within the “Contingency Plan Taranto” project, in order to identify critical issues and any interferences

Design for TAF unit interconnecting to Refinery

Stress analysis on all lines of the EST unit

Verification of safety systems of the VACUUM unit heat exchangers

Process engineering for the Installation of a slurry FCC filtration package

Pitch as burner fuel from Sannazzaro East Plant to Le Teil Cement Plant

Process study to restore pitch circuit operativity

Installation of the air coolers C-90157 A/B

As built surveys of the main and secondary pipe trenches by laser scanner

Installation of containment basin for tanks containing oily waters

Erection of the Pavilion JOOMOO at EXPO Milano 2015

Conservative Renovation and Restoration Parolari Palace

Executive design of a new Chelates and Liquid Fertilizers Production Plant , into Matthews Industrial Park, Orangeburg County, in South Carolina (U.S.A.)

Detail Engineering for multi-specialist as-built of chelates unit inside fertilizer production plant

Design of the roofs with floating and/or fixed panels of the tanks and pits of the 3 TAE plants, still lacking of such a system

Multidisciplnary Engineer for the project Midor Refinery Expansion

Study of emissions in the atmosphere from tanks of oil products

Basic and detail Engineering project to complete the construction of a new underground storage system of LPG at STIR depot in Bizerte -Tunisia

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