Basic and detail Engineering project to complete the construction of a new underground storage system of LPG at STIR depot in Bizerte -Tunisia

  • Ingegneria di base
  • Bizerta - Tunisia
  • 2018

The current storage park of STIR Refinery in Bizerte consists of 4 spheres and two above-ground tanks for a total capacity of 13000m3. Following the safety provisions imposed by STIR on the decision to build a new underground LPG storage park.

The project involves the realization of basic and detailed engineering for the construction of the new park, consisting of 6 underground tanks with a total capacity of 6240m3, with all the related installations to be integrated into the Refinery.

The project consists mainly of:

– 5 underground tanks of 1200m3 for the storage of LPG;

– 1 250 m3 underground tank for the storage of non-compliant products;

– Two vertical pumps of 160m3/h for shipping to the port and the SNDP;

– Two vertical pumps of 70 m3/h for shipping to tanker loading;

– A compressor for emptying lines and tanks;

– All interconnecting lines;

– Utilities and general services;

– Automation, control and safety management system;

– New control room and new operator room;

– New blow-down line

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